Our Mission

Our Mission is to know Christ and make him known. We believe that God desires for his church to have an ongoing relationship with him so that He may reach the world through them. So how do we accomplish this awesome responsibility? We have developed a three stage process of what it means to know Christ and make him known at the Dove.... Love God. 

Here at the Dove we desire to first and foremost Love God. This first stage of our process includes coming to Sunday service and learning about God's Word. It also means coming together to worship God and give Him thanks for His rich blessings. But, our church does not stop there. God also wants us to.... Love People. 

The second stage of what it means to become a devoted follower of Christ at the Dove is that we all learn to love people. We admonish all of our members and guests to try to plug into a life group during the week so that they can experience authentic Christian relationships. Finally, after learning what it means to Love God and Love People God desires us to.... Live to Serve. 

We are a church that is on mission. This means that we don't only want to hear what God has to say, but we aim to do the things in which we hear. This includes getting involved at service opportunities at the church as well as in the community. Throughout all of these stages, our goal is to share the gospel of Christ in a natural way, so that the hopeless may have hope in a living savior who died for their sins.