Elders are a big part of our church. They work closely with our pastor to make executive and administrative decisions.  They also meet monthly to discuss the vision of our church and how we want to approach different areas of our ministry.  These men love the Lord and we are glad to have them serving at Lonesome Dove.

  • Jason Stover

    Jason is the Pastor of our church and our leader of the Elders.   Click here for his bio.

  • Mike Eiler

    Mike is a former elder for the Dove and has been chosen to serve again.  We love Mike's heart for our church as he is always willing to lend a helping hand.  He and his wife both contribute in so many ways and we are so thankful for them both.  

  • Curtis McKeown

    Curtis has been with Lonesome Dove longer than all of us.  He is also the church historian.  He knows all the history of the Dove and is always happy to share about our story.  Curtis loves to sing and praise the Lord.  He is married to Sylvia.  

  • Grant Stanley

    Grant is vital piece of our church. He serves in the praise band and helps lead worship from time to time.  He also served as the head of the search team who hired our current Pastor and Youth Pastor.  Grant is married to Chelsea and have five kids.  Gideon, Lily, Scout, Jesse, and Jonah.  

  • Joel McKinney

    Joel is our newest elder.  He is a tremendous member of our church.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand and he is constantly looking for ways to serve his church.  We are proud to add him to our team.