A weekend for our students to grow closer to God and an opportunity for un-churched students to find a church home.  Pray with us that many students will come to Jesus. 




Friday, April 20

6:00 PM – Registration & Dinner (PIZZA)

6:45 PM – Doors open to worship center

7:00 PM – Session 1 (Taught by Matt Poe)

9:00 PM – Head to host homes (unpack)

10:00 PM – Meet at Cinemark Theatre in Roanoke

10:30 PM – Movie Begins

12:30 PM – Head to host homes


Saturday, April 21

8:00 AM – Breakfast at host homes

8:45 AM – Bible study/small groups at host homes

9:45 AM – Doors open to worship center

10:00 AM – Session 2 (Taught by Matt Poe)

                        -Come dressed for REC & Games

11:30 AM – Lunch (Tacos)

12:15 PM – Games in Dove Hall

1:00 PM – Begin Photo Scavenger Hunt

3:30 PM – End Scavenger hunt and head to Host Homes

4:00 PM – Clean up & free time at host homes/church

5:15 PM – Dinner (Brisket and Pork)

5:45 PM – Doors open to Worship Center

6:00 PM – Session 3 (Taught by Matt Poe)

8:00 PM – Ice Cream Party in Dove Hall

8:30 PM – Games and Activities

9:30 PM – Head to host homes

10:00 PM – Small Group

10:30 PM – Shower and clean up (Pack your bags and prepare for the morning)


Sunday, April 22

8:00 AM – Wake up (WEAR GLOW SHIRT)

9:15 AM – Meet at church for breakfast & Bible Study (Bring your bags)

10:30 AM – Session 4 with all the church members(Taught by Josh)

12:00 PM – Dismiss and go home

More Information below

What you need to know

WHEN?  April 20-22

WHERE?  Dove Church

HOW MUCH?  $40/student for early registration (on or before April 18).  $50 for late registration. PAY HERE

WHO? 6th-12th grade students

WHY?  To disciple students and to build the KINGDOM of GOD.

The Soar Worship Team will be leading our Worship.

Matt Poe will be our speaker for the weekend.

1. All meals will be provided.

2. Students are able to attend portions of the weekend if scheduling conflicts arise.

3. Each student will receive a shirt.

4. Pre-registered students will stay in Host homes from our church families.  (All host homes will be members of our church and verified via background check.)

5. If students do NOT pre-register, they will NOT be able to stay at a host home and will miss out on several parts of the weekend.

6. The event will begin Friday night (April 20) and end on Sunday (April 22 after church).

7.  Cell Phones will be stored away during the majority of the weekend.

8. If your student can only attend one day of the event, then they only have to pay HALF of the total. 

($20 before April 18.  $25 after April 18.)


  •       BIBLE
  •       Great attitude
  •       Modest clothing for 2 days
  •       Pillow
  •       Towel
  •       Sleeping bag or blanket
  •       Deodorant!  Please bring deodorant!
  •       $40 for registration or you can pay online
  •       Snacks to have at your host home

For more info, please email, text, or call our Youth Pastor, Josh Holcombe.

Email: youth@thedovechurch.com

Cell: 903-780-0425